Welcome to AIPioneer. A-Bot is an chatbot online platform. Every user can build and publish a chatbot in several minutes.

1, Create a chatbot by simply register here.

2, Login to your account. A knowledge management system (KMS) will help you to input knowledge, train the chatbot and publish your chatbot.

3, Write some sentences to create a knowledge unit for your chatbot. The chatbot engine will answer questions based on these knowledge automatically.

4, Train the chatbot engine by your knowledge unit, and review the sentences generated by the AI

5, Test your chatbot at the user page in your account or publish your chatbot by simply copying the code at the user page to your website.

Please feel free to ask here, if you have any question when you create or manage a chatbot.

A-Bot is an on going research project of an innovative semantic knowledge system. More and more functions will be added to A-Bot. Knowledge learning, reasoning and imagination are on the plan of R&D.

AIPioneer proposed a chatbot based free online game - Dungeon Inquisitor. It's also published on the main game portal Kongregate.

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Demos of AIPioneer chatbot engine

A chatbot guide for the mmo game
Dungeon Inquisitor 

A demo chatbot for a computer shop